Decentral Gear Partnership With Coss Exchange

We are happy to announce we have entered into a partnership with Coss.io to become an official merchandiser for their apparel and accessories.


What is COSS? COSS stands for Crypto One-Stop Solution, and they are a cryptocurrency exchange. The COSS exchange has a FIAT gateway so users can trade with USD, and soon EUR, and GBP. COSS also has plans to implement a payment gateway to help business owners collect payments in the form of cryptocurrency.

COSS offers a unique proposition to investors with their FSA (Fee Split Allocation) Program. This program rewards COSS token holders weekly with 50% of the fees generated on the exchange and their platform. The payout is in the form of the cryptocurrencies offered on their exchange. This allows investors to build an index portfolio if they hold over the long term. 


 - To learn more, check out their website/exchange - Coss.io

 - To view the Coss products we offer in our store - Coss Products